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Developing Agrivoltaics Projects

Agrivoltaics is the practice of integrating photovoltaic solar panels with agricultural production, typically on farmland. The goal of agrivoltaics is to generate electricity while also maintaining the productivity of the land for agricultural purposes.However, with careful planning and design, agrivoltaics can be a useful tool for farmers looking to diversify their income and reduce their environmental impact.

Hundred megawatts roof top solar is an example of small-scale Solar PV installed on Industrial, Commercial and Govt. Buildings

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Climate change is a mega trend creating opportunities for investors. If you take advantage of it, and get ahead of it, it’s going to be an alpha generator for the next 30 or 40 years, generates excess returns without additional risk. New regulation and legislation drives growth, demand and capital flows into renewables. The final piece of good news is that there is no shortage of low-cost capital across the world looking for a home. Our Management got extensive experience on how to tap it.

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